Summer Camp Programs in Shelton, CT Offer Hours Of Enjoyment And Gymnastics

During the summer months, it’s always a worry to parents what their children can do besides watching TV and playing video games. For smaller children, building coordination and agility is important to parents. Summer camp programs in Shelton CT, can give a child an all-day camp that lasts for three months during summer vacation. The children can make lots of new friends and learn new skills while getting the exercise helpful to building a healthy body and mind. Many children dread going to a daycare facility in the summer because they don’t feel there’s enough to do. This will never be the case with a fun summer camp.

Next Dimension Gymnastics offers a great summer program at their gymnastics facility in Fairfield County. There are crafts, games, and gymnastics to keep the males and females busy over the summer. There are half-day options for children that are age 3 and up. Even the smaller children can benefit from training in gymnastics. It helps to build their strength as well as their confidence. Gymnastics can help with building coordination in children and adolescents. This type of day camp during the summer months keeps the children active, happy, and excited for each day.

Who teaches a child how to tumble? If the child’s parent is up to it, they may show the child. During summer camp programs in Shelton CT, children will be taught how to tumble safely. The large exercise mat gives them the cushion they need. The camp will also teach the children how to do cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings. Cheerleading, even in the younger ages, has become incredibly competitive. These skills can be taught to the children so they are prepared to take on the cheerleading tryouts and stand out from the other children.

Gymnastics and summer camp are available and helpful for both sexes ages 3 and up. The talented individuals will work with all of the children to inspire their creativeness both on and off the gymnastic floor. The fully-equipped facility is safe and provides state-of-the-art equipment for all of the children to use. There’s no reason to have another summer arrive wondering what the children will do during their time off of school.

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