Surgeries That are Classified as an Maxillofacial Surgery

In addition to providing routine professional cleanings, diagnosis services, and treatments for gum and mouth diseases, dentists expand their health care services to a wide range of oral surgeries. There are many scenarios that would require an individual to need surgery on or around their mouth; it is during these instances when they would be seen by a local dentist. It is important to note that not all dentists provide these kind of services, therefore it is crucial that individuals become familiar with what a dentist offers prior to becoming a patient at a dental office. With many local options available to choose from, people will find that being able to keep their oral health optimal is easy.

There are many surgeries that are classified as a Maxillofacial Surgery. A person can find themselves needing a maxillofacial or oral surgery for many reasons. The most common scenarios that would require a person to need surgery include:

1. Having an advanced case of a gum or mouth disease

2. Being involved in an accident that injured the mouth or surrounding areas

3. Having a defect that involves the neck, face, head, jaw, or the hard and soft tissues of the mouth

Dentists such as Dr. George Braithwaite DMD provide many surgeries, while other dentists may only specialize in a select few. Commonly performed surgeries include:
1. Dentoalveolar surgery

2. Dental implant surgery

3. Cosmetic surgery, such as lip enhancement and even rhinoplasty in some cases

4. Surgery to repair trauma done to the maxillofacial region such as jaw fractures, nasal fractures, and cheek bone fractures

5. Surgery to repair an overbite

6. Surgery to implant a bone structured hearing aid

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