Symptoms Indicating a Failing Transmission Solenoid

The automatic transmission solenoids on your vehicle are mounted on the transmission valve body. This part works to control gear disengagement and engagement. When this part starts to fail, you generally notice symptoms that will let you know that this is happening.

Shifting Delay

When your transmission is shifting gears, it happens in two stages, including the clutch activating and the gear engaging. When everything is working properly, this happens almost instantly. However, when your solenoids or other transmission components are failing, the gears might not engage in time, resulting in delay in the shifting. Your vehicle essentially acts like it is in neutral during this delay.

Rough Shifting

When your transmission starts to shift gears, it should be smooth, and you likely do not even notice it. However, if you feel that this starts to become rough, in your hydraulics, there could be too much fluid pressure and your solenoids could be at fault for this increase in pressure. To know more, click here.

Faulty Down Shift

When you apply the brakes, if your vehicle still revs and starts to roll slightly forward, this symptom is happening. The rolling forward might be subtle, but it is noticeable since your vehicle should only slow when the brakes are applied.

Unpredictable Gear Shifts Happening Randomly

As you increase your speed while driving, a healthy transmission will shift into higher gears. The opposite is true when you are slowing down because the transmission will shift into lower gears. However, if your transmission is randomly going into higher gears or lower gears, or during acceleration you notice skips, your solenoids could be to blame.

In addition to these symptoms, when your automatic transmission solenoid is starting to go bad, you might also notice that your check engine light is on. As soon as you notice symptoms indicating failure, it is important that you talk to your mechanic because allowing the troubles to continue might result in further problems.

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