Taking A Second Look At An Isuzu NPR For Sale

The number of Isuzu medium to heavy duty trucks on the road is steadily increasing due to the efficiency and the quality of vehicle produced by the company. While not a traditional choice, and not one that may first come to mind, for any business interested in reliable mid to heavy duty vehicle the Isuzu NRP for sale is well worth a second look.

The Cab Style

The first Isuzu trucks were brought into the United States in 1984, but they have become a standard in low cab forward types of trucks. The low cab over design is considered highly effective for city driving, and these compact trucks are considered very easy to maneuver even in tight areas including loading and unloading docks and on busy city streets.

Adding to the features of this particular style is the high level of visibility for the driver and any passenger. This is very different than a traditional style of cab, and even the large side windows provide optional visibility for both driving and backing up.

With the lower step-up to the cab, it is also easier for driver and passenger entrance and exit, an important considering when drivers are facing multiple stops throughout the day.

Options in the Truck

Once you start looking at an Isuzu NRP for sale, you will realize these trucks do offer some very unique features. This series offers two different options in diesel engines, including a turbocharged intercooled diesel, as well as a gas engine. The gas engine is compatible with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as well as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), which includes propane and butane.

When choosing an Isuzu NRP for sale, there are different cab options to consider. This includes as standard cab that seats two, as well as a crew cab that can seat up to seven adults comfortably.

The various types of engines and the HD, XD and other vehicles in the series also offer different options in chassis length and size based on the specific model. Each model and engine type offer different specifications, including the option for a limited slip differential and integral hydraulic power steering for easy maneuvering and comfort for those driving for extended periods of time.

With all the options and features in the various models offered in an Isuzu NRP for sale, it is well worth reviewing all this truck has to offer. Competitively priced with a proven record for reliability and efficiency, it is fast becoming a popular commercial vehicle on Texas roads and highways.

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