Tasks Accomplished During a Modern Auto Tune-Up in Maui

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Vehicles

Some people say modern vehicles don’t need tune-ups anymore while others insist tune-ups are necessary. It’s true that today’s auto tune-up in Maui isn’t like the traditional versions from decades ago. Back then, vehicles still had carburettors and weren’t computerized. There were no fuel injection systems. Occasionally, mechanics were needed to adjust the ignition timing and the air-fuel mix.

Today, an Auto Tune-Up in Maui typically involves replacing spark plugs and wires as well as the air filter, and performing diagnostic checks to make sure everything is in excellent working order. A misfiring spark plug can significantly reduce gas mileage, and it can cause rough idling and a sense that the engine is not performing properly. It may be time for the fuel filter to be replaced as well. The automotive also technicians check belts, hoses, and other components, inspecting everything for signs of wear or leaks. Worn, cracked and fraying belts can lead to an inconvenient breakdown if they fail altogether. If the alternator belt breaks, the driver may not realize it for many miles, as the vehicle begins running on battery power. The next time the person tries to start the car, there may be no response because the battery has been depleted.

Vehicle owners can drive around with leaking components for a long time, but there are concerning factors involved with that activity. First, it costs money to continually replace fluids that are leaking out. Second, those leaking fluids are bad for the environment. They get into the soil and water as rainwater transports them to storm sewers and across the land. Third, driving with low fluids is hard on the components those substances are intended to lubricate and keep functioning optimally. A power steering fluid leak means the steering parts aren’t working as smoothly as they should. A coolant leak means the engine may run hotter than it should. Even if there is no coolant leak, the system could benefit from a flush and replacement with new fluid.

Automotive technicians from a garage such as Discount Tires Automotive locate all these problems during the tune-up inspection and can fix them promptly.

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