Technology And Effective Truck Fleet Management Solutions

As a part of the management team, fleet managers are an important source of information, data, and reporting that is critical to the success of not just the freight side of the company but the entire business. No longer seen as an “add-on” the truck fleet is now seen as a central part of any successful business.

One of the most effective truck fleet management solutions available is to be able to use technology to your benefit in obtaining the necessary information and data required. This allows for the fleet manager not just to assume that a policy is saving the company money or that changes will create more efficiency, but to actually have the reports and documentation to prove the case.

The Big Data Explosion

In truck fleet management solutions the term “big data” simply refers to the ease of collection large amounts of specific data that can be used to make accurate models, predictions and data-driven decisions.

Not all data is helpful, so it will be important to have a good understanding of what you require. Simply having data for the sake of having data is inefficient. Knowing what quantifiable results are helpful and what is simply taking up time will be essential.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking trucks and having access to reports on vehicle maintenance, driver habits, routes and other real-time issues are another part of effective truck fleet management solution. With automated data collection and notifications it is less likely that a truck will miss routine maintenance or that an unsafe driver is going to go unnoticed.

By using the tracking, reporting and notification features of fleet management software everything needed is not just at your fingertips, but it can be set to send out messages and notifications specific to different drivers, divisions, locations or any other parameters the fleet managers wish to select.

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