Tedlar Sampling: 6 Important Questions to Ask

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Suppliers & Exporters

Why use Tedlar bags?

Tedlar bag sampling is easy and convenient. In addition, these bags are well known for providing accurate results. It’s the ideal material and procedure to resort to if you’re sampling Volatile organic compound (VOC), semi- VOC, sulfurs and light hydrocarbons, among other things. These bags offer an accurate way to measure the concentration of specific compounds as well as gasses in the air that might be hard for conventional analytical instruments to detect.

How do you fill up the bags?

With great care and caution. You could use a personal sampling pump to help collect and store the air samples, though. But beware since this might come with a bit of air loss when you use the pump to fill up your bags.

How much should you fill up?

Never fill the bags completely. Fill the bags only to about half of its volume capacity. As a result, changes in ambient air pressure won’t affect the temperature in the containers, which is essential if those bags are going to be transported an airplane. That extra space inside the bags will ensure the bags don’t burst, effectively protecting the collected air samples.

How many samples should you take?

Be sure to take two bags. While these bags often prove durable, surprises and unforeseen situations could result in leaks. That’s why it’s safe to have two. Before you go ahead with your Tedlar bag sampling, make sure you always have backup.

What shipping arrangements do you choose?

Look for the right shipping arrangements. Once used, Tedlar bags can only hold air samples for about 72 hours. Ship them the same day they’re collected to expect on-time and intact sample delivery. Otherwise, that’s going to compromise the accuracy of your tests.

Where to get these bags?

Look for a supplier or manufacturer with an excellent reputation for service and quality. That should help you get in touch with the right manufacturers.

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