Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida Protect Various Types of Properties

Licensed pest control companies that provide Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida have access to pesticides and equipment that other people do not. Their workers have the training and knowledge needed to successfully eradicate termites from a building and prevent them from coming back. There are many kinds of termites, but they all can wreak havoc on wooden structures since they eat wood for the cellulose content.

Effective Modern Applications

Older treatments relied on barriers intended to repel the bugs. That worked to a certain extent because termites could detect the substance, but they simply found another way in. Today’s applications cannot be discovered by the insects. They consume the pesticide when they chew the wood, then bring it back to the colony. This is more effective at eliminating the entire colony, which should be the goal when termites have invaded a building.

Termites Aren’t Particular

Termites aren’t particular about the type of structures they attack. They can be found in single-family and multi-family residential settings, as well as commercial properties. They show up in wood fencing and outbuildings. They’ll invade a pile of firewood, which is one reason to keep stacks of wood away from the building.

Repeated Treatments

Often, more than one treatment must be applied by Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida to make sure the problem is over. The best treatments may not be fully successful with only one application since the bugs do not live in the building. Their colonies are outside, and they come into the building to gather wood. Surviving termites may find a new place to enter and to start chewing up the inside of walls.

Having the workers from a company like Above & Beyond Pest Control return on a schedule to evaluate the situation and apply treatments as needed is advisable, both for protecting the property and maintaining one’s psychological well-being. After a major infestation of these bugs, people tend to keep worrying that the termites have returned. They listen for sounds and look for evidence of termite activity. The peace of mind associated with regular professional assistance is well worth it.

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