The 2014 Used Dodge Ram Truck Drops in Price and Remains Just as Great

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Auto Body Shop

The fall season of 2014 has brought in a variety of cyclical offerings from all major car companies. Dodge is no exception. They unleashed the 2015 Dodge Ram to critical acclaim. By fixing the wavering suspension and refining their fuel economy, the 2015 is clearly the best Ram available. But it also costs a bit more compared to previous Ram iterations, making the 2014 a pretty fair response to the 2015’s brand new launch and heftier price tag.

The 2014 Used Dodge Ram Truck naturally dropped in price, and truck enthusiasts are clamouring for this fantastic ride. The 2014 has its fair share of perks. Despite being slightly outclassed, it remains a great option.

Turbo-Diesel Technology

The 2014 saw a revamping and new implementation of the Turbo-diesel technology. In short, it allows for a 240 horsepower engine with a hefty 420 lb-ft torque. It is quite impressive. The 2015 refines this just a bit, but the 2014 still has the technology and it is just about as good. Turbo-diesel gives the 2014 Ram a mpg of 18 in the city and 24 on the highway, a number that can fluctuate quite a bit depending on many variables.

Four Wheel Drive-and Capacity

It almost goes without saying that four wheel drive is present in all models for 2014. The pull capacity for the 2014 dials in at 10,450, which is just a mark below the latest GM line-up. In some ways, the 2014 makes up for it with a very smooth ride. So the maximum pull almost feels identical with each car, with the Ram’s lower capacity matched with its smoother ride and superior suspension.

For a Used Dodge Ram Truck, the 2014 is a fantastic option. Unfortunately, the car is not widely available, especially used. The demand for 2014 models in the months following a 2015 release are incredibly high. But stay connected to the local dealership and stay on the pulse of the online listings. New Ram’s come in often in multiple colors, and a small army of individuals are clamouring to get their hands on this powerful vehicle brand. Click Here for more information.

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