The 3 Best Places in the Home For Some Good Old Fashioned Carpeting

There’s no denying that hardwood floors are capturing mainstream home decor in a big way. The intoxicating aesthetic of hardwood flooring through the kitchen and dining room space can be quite stunning. Unfortunately, not everyone can have their own episode on the home network. Some normal people just want to space to look good without necessarily having to empty their savings account. Carpet is still a fantastic option because of its affordability and its ease of installation. They are three particular areas in the home that would actually benefit substantially more from the carpet that it would with hardwood floor.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms are low traffic, so placing carpet in them is pretty natural. That is especially so in the children’s rooms, where damage and wear will accumulate on the floor no matter what a parent does.

Dining Room: The dining room often goes untouched, which makes it the best place for some carpeting. It tends to bring out the colors in the room, and carpeting in the dining room can provide a great opportunity to flex some individuality to that space. It especially works when the living room and kitchen are floored in hardwood. It gives the dining room its own identity and span without doing much of anything at all.

Play Room: It was noted above that bedrooms are great places for carpeting because of their low traffic. Just as the carpet is best in low traffic areas, it also works in high-traffic areas- extremely high-traffic areas. A playroom is an excellent place to add carpet for one good reason. Kids are messy. They spill things without telling anyone, they can cause damage to the floor, and they are all around rambunctious. Carpet can take the heat. If it becomes bad enough, a replacement piece is more than affordable. Compare that to the hardwood floor. A single unmaintained spill can cause bubbles in the hardwood flooring, and that could be a major project. The playroom will take a hit. The question is, should it be on discount flooring or on extremely expensive and apparently durable hardwood?

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