The ADA, Hair Salons And A Shampoos Sink

In today’s world, once neglected sectors of the population are no longer content to sit back and accept the status quo. They want to experience whatever they can. The American disability Act (ADA) is a manifesto that attempts to redress the issues once overlooked or taken for granted by those who do not suffer from such physical challenges. It is also because of the changing nature in society, that many businesses have begun to realize the inherent wrongness of such an approach. The result has been, in some instance, a resurgence of such helpful and equalizing equipment as the ADA shampoo sink.


It is estimated that as many as 54 million Americans live with some form of disability. As the population becomes older, this figure will increase. Adding to the potential are severe accidents and the results of military actions. The ADA prohibits “discrimination against people with disabilities.” Under the current law, businesses and services must provide access. When it comes to salons and spas, the ADA is inclusive. It wants everyone “to benefit from our country’s businesses and services.” For a salon, this means not simply ease of access to their facility, but also the need to install handicap-friendly equipment such as an ADA shampoo sink at a workstation.

Common Business Sense

A business who neglects around 12% to 19% of potential clients is one that is denying its ability to increase its profit margin. This is what would happen if a salon or spa decided to ignore the needs of the disabled sector of society. It is common business sense not only to make adjustments, but also to embrace them. If it means adding an ADA shampoo sink or two to the salon as well as other ADA compliant equipment, it is the cost of doing business. Yet, it is also a very cost-effective means of serving all sectors of the public.

Why Install an ADA Shampoo Sink and Other Compliant Equipment?

For a salon, as well as a retirement facility, an ADA shampoo sink is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a day at a spa or salon without the worry or discomfort resulting from the use of regular equipment. Installing such equipment ensures the elderly, the disabled and the staff are more comfortable. An ADA compliant shampoo sink is:

  • Comfortable for users
  • Functional in design and usage
  • Affordable and cost-effective considering it will help to make your services readily available to more individuals
  • Ensures the safety of everyone concerned since it allows people to remain in wheelchairs
  • Saves the staff from hurting themselves from bending over excessively or lifting

Overall, installing an ADA shampoo sink and other ADA compliant equipment is beneficial for those who use the salon, want to use the salon and those who work there.

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