The Advantages of Skilled Nursing Home Care, Find One in Arlington Heights

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Assisted Living Facility

Most senior citizens can live alone or prefer to, but after an injury or illness that required hospitalization, it’s not easy to live alone. They have to be diligent and spend enough time on rehabilitation, and most people can’t do it by themselves. Hiring a nurse to live with you or come daily can get expensive, and many insurance companies don’t cover it. Therefore, if you’re looking for skilled nursing home care in Arlington Heights, you may want to consider a rehabilitation facility. Residents in Arlington Heights can get the care they need to get better, and then go home again if they desire.


Many times, older adults are on a variety of medications to keep them healthy. You might take medicine for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. After a serious illness or fall, your medications can multiply so that you take much more. Keeping track of it all and remembering to take it appropriately can be tough. When you’re in a skilled nursing facility, you don’t have to worry about it because they bring the medication to you as needed.

Physical Therapy/Social Activities

Many times, a fall or serious illness causes your muscles to atrophy slightly. You can build them back up, but it requires much work. Physical therapy is usually included in these facilities, which means they build it into your natural day. Plus, these rehabilitation facilities have many social activities that you can enjoy. You still remain active, can meet new friends, and get healed well enough to go home again.

Skilled nursing home care is essential after a fall, stroke, or illness that required you to be in a hospital. Visit The Moorings of Arlington Heights to learn about their rehabilitation services.

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