The Advantages of Using TPO Roofing Systems

Having to entertain the idea of getting a new roof or a roof repair does not exactly make the business or homeowner feel good. However, if it has to be done anyway, the commercial business owner or homeowner may as well become aware of the great roofing options available. One of these options that is popular, especially among commercial installations, is known as TPO Roofing Systems. The term “TPO” refers to thermoplastic polyolefin, which are single-ply roofing membranes. This roofing solution has gained much popularity among the commercial sector of the roofing industry and with good reason. The roofing membranes are an answer to the need for energy efficient and heat-reflecting roofing material. This spells out in cost savings as well as reduction in the amount of energy used. There are other benefits associated with using TPO Roofing Systems. Here are just a few.

1. One great advantage of TPO roofing is the price factor. It is a very economical material which draws the attention of both residential and commercial contractors. TPO is also similar to PVC roofing, which provides hot air weldable seams, but the PVC price is not there.
2. TPO is also very versatile as a roofing option. It can be used in diverse roofing plans, fitting the various needs of different clients.
3. The material which is thermoplastic polyolefin is durable, being resistant to the accumulation of dirt, the presence of mold, and even resistant to punctures and tears.
4. The final benefit that attracts a lot of roofing contractor is the ability to do easy installation with TPO material. The sheets are wider and lighter in weight than the standard roofing membranes, making it easier to work with.

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