The Answers To Questions You Have About Dental Implant In Bridgeport

Many individuals have already heard about dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement, but they often have unanswered questions about the procedure. If you still have questions about dental implants, read the information below to get the answers you’re looking for. Schedule a consultation with a Dental Implant Bridgeport area specialist to find out if you’re a good candidate for this type of dental procedure.

Q.) Does it take several months before a dental implant procedure is complete?

A.) After the initial procedure to place the implants down into the jawbone, patients normally have to wait up to six months before the next step can be completed. Dental patients must give the jawbone ample time to heal around the implant. After the healing process, the dentist will place a crown on the top of the implant to finalize the procedure. Some patients, who don’t have enough bone to support the implant, will need to have bone grafting done before the start of the implant procedure. After a bone graft, the patient will have to wait quite a few months for this procedure to fully heal before a specialist can place the implants into the jawbone.

Q.) Do individuals feel any pain during and after a dental implant procedure?

A.) Before a Dental Implant Bridgeport area specialist begins the dental implant procedure, a dental patient will have a local or general anesthesia so they won’t feel anything during the procedure. Because the gumline is opened to place the implant into the jawbone, patients will have some soreness in their gums for a few days after the procedure is finished. The dentist gives each patient certain instructions to follow after the procedure, which includes ways to relieve any pain. Many individuals will experience some swelling of the gums for a few days after getting the implants. Patients who experience excessive bleeding or discomfort after getting implants should contact their dentist immediately. Many patients rely on an over the counter pain relief medication if they have any soreness in the days after the procedure.

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