The Art on Your Floor: The Enduring Beauty and Sophistication of Terrazzo Floor Designs

One of the things that terrazzo flooring fans love about terrazzo is that the artisan can create unique artwork on the surface of a floor. Traditional terrazzo is a three-step process. Step two allows the artisans to separate the concrete into areas, using thin strips of a dividing material. Sometimes these strips are given free-form flowing shapes, which results in terrazzo that has the look of a natural stone. However, these strips can also be specifically shaped to form designs that can be incredibly intricate. Once the areas are separated, different colors of aggregate material, traditionally marble chips, are placed in a third layer and then rolled into place with a weighted roller. The result is a beautiful design in a solid-surface.

You may think that if you choose terrazzo tiles instead of a traditional terrazzo application that you may not be able to capture the same artistry in your terrazzo floor design. However, at Trend Terrazzo, we can offer you the beauty and artistry of a traditional terrazzo application, at a fraction of the cost, in a lightweight tile that your flooring contractor or flooring installer can place in your building. How can we do that? By creating custom tiles, using your colors and designs, but making them with the same process we use to create the standard tiles in our various Trend Terrazzo lines. Our gallery is the best way to view these custom tile applications, which incorporate artwork into surfaces, traditionally floors. Our gallery also features images showing how people have used our normally-available tiles to create artwork in their homes or businesses.

To find out more about Trend Terrazzo, including information about all of our Trend Terrazzo Tile Collections, visit our gallery or contact us at our toll-free number: 1-866-508-7363.

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