The Basics Any Orange County Business Needs To Consider When Choosing Stationery

It may seem that in today’s world of emails and text messages the choice of stationary for a company in Orange County is not as important as it was even a decade ago. However, if you stop and consider how important it is to make a good impression on customers with invoices, billing, communication, responses, and information, choosing the correct type of paper really does send a message.

Colors to Consider

There is nothing that says that a business has to use basic white paper. In fact, many businesses prefer ivory or cream-colored stationery as it tends to send a message of professional elegance and sophistication.

Depending on the colors of the company logo and the overall impression you wish to create, very slight tints with paper is also a popular option. Very soft colors such as blues, greens or grays can highlight the corporate colors.

For specialized types of events and announcements, decorative paper can also be used. These types of designs can be used to add color, style, and design to marketing programs or special announcements. They are pre-printed, so they are cost-effective to use even with mass mail-out campaigns.

Make sure the color or the design style matches the type of communication. Most companies will have pre-printed invoices and standard business letterhead that can be done on special or standard white paper.

Quality and Texture

The weight, quality, and texture of paper also send a message. There is a very different “feel” to photocopy paper as compared to quality stationery. Some of the top types of papers used for formal notices, letters of recognition or communication with top customers can also be textured to give more a linen or classic parchment type of feel.

These quality papers are often made with a percent of cotton. They are available in different textures and options and, for environmentally conscious Orange County companies they are also available in recycled varieties as well.

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