The Basics of Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Bees play an essential role within just about any ecosystem, as they pollinate plants and allow them to proliferate. However, when bees begin taking up residence near a home or commercial business, they can quickly go from being an appreciated pollinator species to a dangerous nuisance. Don’t use that as an excuse to use dangerous pesticides, though; instead, call a professional for Bee Control in Pittsburgh who can offer a more ecologically friendly option.

Choosing Who to Call

While live removal isn’t always an option, it is always worth at least having a bee expert come out to evaluate the situation. When choosing who to call, be sure to ask how long the company has been in business and how many bee relocations it has successfully performed. Personal references and membership in industry associations can also go a long way toward helping clients determine the legitimacy of a bee control company.

Unique Concerns with Honey Bees

When honey bees take up residence in a home, they will leave behind honeycomb after they are relocated. This can wind up turning into a sticky mess, which will likely only attract other bees and insect pests if it isn’t addressed. If the bees infesting a home are honey bees, it’s a good idea to ask the company what can be done to remove the honeycomb as well as the colony.

Live Bee Removal

During a live bee removal, an expert in Bee Control in Pittsburgh will use a smoker to calm the bees down then vacuum them into a cage. Once the queen bee has been relocated, any lingering bees will usually migrate into the honeycomb of their own accord.

Bee Extermination

Those who are nervous about live bee relocation should keep in mind that the alternatives aren’t just dangerous for bee populations and ecosystems more generally, they’re also dangerous for residents. The use of strong insecticides or poisons can leave families suffering from health problems, while live bee removal simply gets rid of the problem with no negative health impacts.

Learn More Today

Need some help with an inconveniently located bee colony? The-Beeman offers all the services property owners need to reclaim their homes or businesses. Property owners can visit the website to learn more today.

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