The Basics of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming an important tool for businesses to be aware of. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are not just for personal use anymore. With such large networks of people connected with each other, what better way could there be to reach your customer base?  Honestly, do you know anyone these days who does not have a Facebook account? Social media marketing is not something to be overlooked by a business who is looking to promote themselves. With a bit of research and some social media marketing tips, you can be ready to connect your business with millions of potential customers.


Creating a Facebook page is probably the easiest way to get started with social media marketing. You can post pictures and videos to your page that advertise your business. You can post comments and updates to your page, and even offer special deals to your Facebook followers. Another good idea is to offer special deals to your followers when they share your page or your posts with people in their friends list. Facebook has many features that make it easy for you to promote your business through social media.

One of the best things about having your business on Facebook is the ability to interact with your customers. People who are very happy with your service will be more likely to share your Facebook page with their friends. They can post endorsements and reviews right to your page. If they have any questions, they can post those to your page as well, or they can send you a private message. Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers. Just make sure that you are active in responding to comments and questions. If customers aren’t getting any response to the feedback they leave on your page, the effect of your social media marketing will be diminished.

Review Sites

There are review websites and mobile apps that allow users to post unsolicited reviews of businesses. It is a good idea to keep an eye on reviews of your business on these type of sites. Pay attention to what customers like, and what they don’t like. You can offer thanks for good reviews, and address concerns raised in bad reviews. You will not have any control over the content of reviews, because the idea is that the content is all user generated. However, the reviews will be there either way, so it is best to be aware of what people are happy with and what they are not happy with.

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