The Benefits Of A Hitachi Screw Compressor

Many companies make a screw compressor, which is also known as a rotary-screw compressor. The Hitachi screw compressor is available as a 40, 50 and 60 horsepower option and can be configured to work with either 230 or 460 voltage. Along with the other options, it is also possible to select the refrigerant that is used in the system. It is possible to choose R-407C, R-134A or R-22.

As with all of the models and makes, the Hitachi screw compressor is very durable and built to last even with demanding commercial and industrial applications. It is a gas compressor that uses much less pressure and air than the traditional types of piston compressors.

How it Works

The rotary screw compressor is a very simple type of system. It uses two different rotors that are in continual motion. This motion of the two helical screws creates compression in a continual manner without the pulsing or on-off aspect of the compression created in a piston type compressor.

The design of the Hitachi screw compressor allows for perfect alignment of both of the rotors. There are also extremely tight tolerances between the rotors and the compression chamber sides. This exacting fit is required to build the and maintain the pressure without allowing pressure leaks and loss through the design.

The two rotors are not identical. The rotor that is the male has convex elements on the screw while the female has concave. The male rotor will also have fewer convex elements, requiring it to turn slightly faster. The asymmetry allows for better alignment of the rotors in the system as well as less wear and tear even under heavy use.

The result of the design and configuration of the Hitachi rotary-screw compressor is a low noise, low vibration compressor. These models can be used for both water chiller units as well as commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.

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