The Benefits of Pruning with Professional Tree Service in Queens County NY

Trees complement the beauty of a landscape and provide shade for yards. Although it’s not always noticed, healthy, strong trees can do a lot for the beauty and value of a neighborhood. Tree Service in Queens County NY helps keep them in excellent condition for the countless number of decades they’ll be around. Pruning is important for the health of trees to remove dead wood and other parts that can impede growth or affect vitality. There are many different tree species that can receive care that’s tailored to the type. An arborist can tell if a certain kind of tree could use individualized care that helps it thrive.

Pruning done by professional tree service in Queens County NY is most beneficial certain times of the year. Winter pruning when the tree is in a dormant state is the best time to prune. It gets trees ready for potent growth in the spring. If possible, pruning in the winter should happen when temperatures aren’t too frigid. Some tree species may have sap leakage that’s completely normal. Sometimes tree branches grow in awkward directions that prevent the strongest branches from sprouting out the way they should. When this happens, the weaker branches can be removed, so the tree is free to grow with no obstruction. Pruning helps create balance in the weight of trees as well. Uneven weight can cause a tree to grow slightly tilted which affects structural integrity.

There are environmental perils that can harm trees. Disease and insects that feed on the wood of trees are two dangers that can kill a tree if it gets bad enough. An arborist will inspect the tree to see what type of disease is ailing it. After that, it’s decided where to start treatment. Sometimes the disease can be targeted at the roots. There’s usually a special formula made to kill the disease without damaging the health of the tree. As far as insects go, there are some that are considered beneficial insects. These insects kill harmful insects to keep trees safe. A tree service contractor can get insects living in trees tested to see how they affect it. Contact a local arborist for service.

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