The Benefits of Purchasing Dental Practices For Sale In Nevada

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Dental Health

Starting a dental practice can be an expensive endeavor. In addition to purchasing the equipment required for the practice, the doctor must also take on the expense of renting or purchasing a space and finding patients. Fortunately, there is another option for individuals just graduating from school or looking to relocate to a new area. A business broker will have a list of all the Dental Practices For Sale in Nevada, and can help find the perfect practice for any doctor, whether new to the field or not. While there are numerous reasons individuals choose to purchase an established practice, the following represent the top three. Think about this option and make starting a successful practice that much easier.

One Lump Sum

Starting a practice, from scratch requires a great deal of funds that have to be paid to a variety of vendors. When you purchase an existing dental firm, you simply pay one fee to the brokerage firm for everything. Most contracts will state what equipment is included and what options are available for either renting or buying the existing space. This can save money and time while allowing a doctor to have a practice up and running as quickly as possible.

Established Patients

The hardest part of starting a dental practice is having the patients to maintain the business. Buying an existing firm will make it easy, as most doctors will also sell their client base to the purchasing doctor. While some clients may find a new doctor, it is estimated that as many as 70 percents of patients will stay with the same office even if that means seeing a different dentist.


Running dental office requires a staff. In addition to dental hygienists, it is also important to have dependable office staff that can keep operations running smoothly. By buying Dental Practices For Sale in Nevada, the need for finding several qualified staff members is removed. Most staff members will choose to stay with the new doctor, which will prevent the need to advertise for open positions and reduce the likelihood of operating short staffed.

Any dentist wanting to purchase an existing practice should reach out to Western Practice Sales. They have a number of dental offices that are turnkey ready for a new doctor to purchase and manage. Visit the website and view their available practices. There is nothing to lose, and only a well established a dental office to gain.

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