The Benefits of Wood Fired Ovens

Most people occasionally cook with wood or charcoal when they use a barbeque grill. In fact, grilling is a great summer pastime and you can make really good tasting dishes in this manner. However, few people today realize just what you can do with wood fired ovens and how much you can improve the taste and texture of many foods. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.


So many people are so sick and tired of home cooked frozen pizzas that they turn to their local pizza shop. However, once you get used to a wood style oven, you won’t have the need to spend a lot of money on take-out pizzas. The secret to good pizza is getting the oven very hot and it should be much hotter than a standard oven.

When you can cook pizza in an extremely hot oven (800F) you get crisp pizza and it only takes a minute or two. Plus, top quality wood fired ovens come with cooking stones made from ceramic. This gives you the taste and aroma of brick oven pizzas, which is hard to duplicate.

Enhanced Flavor

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the smoky sensation of hickory or mesquite any time you want? No matter what you cook with wood, it will deliver a taste all its own. There’s no need to fire up the barbeque grill to enjoy it.

Healthy Cooking

Because wood fired ovens can drastically reduce cooking times, many foods retain more of their essential nutrients. In fact, high heat can seal in many good things including flavor. Plus, when you cook with wood you are not using grease or oils, as you would need for frying. Your new oven will not put a crimp in your gas or electric bill either. When you add up these benefits, you’ll see why these ovens are becoming so popular.

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