The Best Travertine Cleaning in San Antonio

These days, home and business owners have endless choices when it comes to covering their floors. Whether you prefer natural stone, cut ceramic tile, carpet or travertine, there’s something beautiful out there for your property.

As a building material, travertine is generally taken from the deposits of hot springs and other mineral springs, and is a form of limestone. It forms when there is rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, and is sometimes seen in stalagmites and stalactites. Its look is typically either concentric or fibrous, and its coloring white, cream, tan and even rust. Travertine is a popular material in the buildings of Italy. Ultimately, this is a lovely and natural way to adorn the floors of your living or working space.

Cross Cleaning Company Is Here for You

Since it is so lovely for flooring, as well as walls and facades, travertine is relatively popular. Depending on whether you have a filled or unfilled variety, you may notice varying degrees of wear and tear. Of course, a smooth, shiny finish is probably the most ideal for floor coverings, and the most resistant to damage and debris. If you’re looking to keep your travertine floors looking like new, enlist the assistance of professional cleaners from Cross Cleaning Company.

We at Cross Cleaning Company are proud to provide the best travertine cleaning San Antonio can offer to date. With experience, excellent materials and equipment for cleaning, we ensure that your floors stay looking brilliant for years. Whether you’re a home or business owner, you deserve floors that reflect your fabulous taste and style, and the best way to show it off is by keeping the floor in excellent shape. We’ll be glad to schedule regular visits for your home or business.

Beyond Travertine Services

In addition to expert travertine cleaning in San Antonio, the Cross team works on natural stone, ceramic tile, Saltillo tile, grout, showers, carpets and even parking lots. We’ll also be glad to assist you with a flooring restoration in your home or business. We’re passionate about maintaining even the highest traffic areas.

Get in Touch with Cross

Please feel free to call, email or use the contact form provided on our website. Our friendly and helpful staff is always willing to address your questions or concerns, and get started on cleaning your floors. For the finest travertine cleaning San Antonio can offer, call Cross Cleaning Company today!

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