The Best Way To Approach Water Damage in St Petersburg FL

Next to fire, water damage has got to be the worst thing to happen to the structure of a home. Water is very effective at discreetly reaching a wide variety of places inside of a home. Water is able to reach deep inside of fabrics and pores where it’ll remain trapped until removed. If your home ever faces these problems, you should call a restoration service for Water Damage in St Petersburg FL. Pay attention to the follow tips on how to address water damage.

Although storms do cause floods, the majority of floods that affect homes across the country are due to broken water line and pipes. If you find that a water line has failed, it’s important that you act as fast as possible. Once the line is broken water will begin moving very quickly. Focus on locating the shut-off valve to stop the water flow.

After turning off the water source you’ll want to shut off the power in your home. Some people don’t realize how dangerous a mixture of water and electricity can be. If a flood is severe, it may be able to reach electrical sockets and ruin electrical wiring. Locate the circuit breaker of your home and shut off the power as soon as possible. You should then consider calling a restoration service for water damage in St Petersburg FL.

At this point you’re probably thinking about your belongings inside of the home. Assess the damages to your belongings. Focus on rescuing as many of your items as possible. Remove any large items that have been affected (i.e. couches, beds, tables, stereo systems, etc.). If your carpeting has been affected, you may be able to dry it out and save it. However, water can get trapped under carpeting and can cause mold to form, so it might be best to remove the carpeting altogether.

Click Here to find out more tips on how to approach water damage and restore your home. Again, stop the flood if you can. You should also shut off the electricity to your home in order to be safe. Lastly, make sure to remove any of your belongings that were affected by the flood and place them in a safe location so that they can dry out.


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