The Classic Style Of French Doors

While it may seem that styles come and go in everything from home design to fashion, there are classics in each category that are always a good option. For new home construction, custom home designs or even for a renovation of an older home, adding French doors either as interior or patio doors is always a timeless decision.

One of the reasons that French doors have become such a classic choice is because they are both beautiful as well as practical. With their ability to swing open and provide a clear double entrance they are ideal for connecting the interior of the home to the exterior living spaces. With the additional opening, it is easy to move freely in the doorways, even when entertaining and for larger crowds and gatherings.

The Look of Luxury

Another consideration for the popular and timeless design of French doors is the rich, elegant and almost country-estate style that these doors provide. This is true for both interior and exterior doors, and many of the older homes, including historic homes, feature these as interior door options.

The most classic element of all traditional French doors is the configuration of the lites, the small panes of glass that make up the central panel of each door. Traditionally these are rectangular in shape and have 15 individual lites on a standard size of door; however, for taller doors it is also possible to have additional lites to create a balanced look. Typically these will include an 18 lite

Rifts on a Classic

As with all styles, new twists or design option can evolve, and this is certainly true with the French doors offered today. Different door manufacturers have their own unique styles including a larger wooden panel at the bottom that makes the door more substantial looking, which is ideal for an outdoor patio door.

Other types of French doors may include different options for the lites within the door, moving from the smaller rectangular groups to a single lite in each door. This provides a beautiful, open view but also includes the traditional element of these classic doors.

In between these two options, new yet very classic styles of French doors can include caming in the glass, creating a pattern that is both elegant as well as very traditional. Chateau glass, with its small diamond shapes, makes a statement, as does more ornate types of glass that are ideal for providing increased privacy while still letting in the light.

With all the different styles of French doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply, you are sure to find the perfect door design for your home interior or exterior.

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