The Components of Auto Insurance South in Austin TX

The requirements for auto insurance in Texas are fairly simple: All drivers must have at least a minimum level of liability coverage according to the law. The most minimal Auto Insurance South in Austin TX will be a “liability only” policy that will cover only other drivers. The policy holder themselves will receive no coverage at all in a liability only policy. Therefore, many drivers choose to get a well-rounded auto insurance policy that also includes both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Collision Coverage: For Accidents While Driving

Collision coverage is the insurance that will cover accidents on the road. The accident may be the policy holder’s fault or another person’s fault, but the collision coverage will still pay for the damages. One thing that many people do not know about collision coverage is that it covers more than just vehicles colliding with each other in a wreck. In any situation where an insured vehicle collides with an object, the collision insurance will cover the damage. For example, if a driver has a mishap and drives directly into the side of a building, the collision insurance will pay for the damages. Even situations like animal collisions (for example, when a deer runs into the road and causes a collision) are normally covered under the collision portion of an auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage: For Damage That Happens While Not Driving

The main thing to know about comprehensive coverage is that it applies only to situations that do not involve collisions. In fact, some insurance agents refer to comprehensive coverage as the “other than collision” coverage. The kind of damage that can happen when a vehicle is parked can be quite varied. This may range from outright theft of the vehicle to serious vandalism. Other damages, for example, hail damage or damage due to fallen tree branches, is also usually covered by the comprehensive part of an auto insurance policy.

If you’re looking for Auto Insurance South in Austin TX, consider speaking with Patrick Court from State Farm. His years of experience will help you find the perfect auto policy for your life and needs.

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