The Critical Mold Removal Services Offered by a Pest Management Service in Ashburn, VA

The term “sick building” has become common in the last few decades, as experts have discovered the dangers of hidden toxins like mold. The EPA has linked mold spores with breathing problems and allergies. Their findings are the primary reason that Virginia homeowners often rely on experts like the PMSI Mold Treatment Division. These professionals are part of a Pest Management Service in Ashburn VA and specialize in mold remediation. They quickly locate problems, treat them and offer guarantee results.

Why Expert Mold Removal Is Critical

Almost everyone has used bleach or other cleaners to remove the black mold that grows in bathrooms, pool areas and laundry rooms. However, these surface treatments are temporary, potentially harmful and fail to treat the entire problem. Even a sparkling clean home can host dozens of hidden toxins, which the mold division of a Pest Management Service in Ashburn VA can easily find. Fungus may be growing in attics, basements, crawl spaces and even in walls. Many people get sick or install expensive filtering systems before they realize that health problems are associated with hidden fungi.

How Professional Inspections Find All Problems

Mold inspectors can locate all problems because they know what causes fungus and where it thrives. For example, technicians will ask clients whether their homes have been flooded. They search for leaking pipes, broken humidistats, and faulty wall vapor barriers. Experts locate hidden foundation cracks and even roof leaks. They inspect HVAC systems, for mold buildups.

What Technicians Do to Solve the Problem

Once professionals find all mold sources, they isolate growths to prevent spores from infecting new areas. They remove mold carefully using industry-approved methods. Although this job would be very dangerous for an unprotected person, technicians stay safe by wearing specialty gear. They treat surfaces with safe, but extremely effective, products that destroy the fungus. The solvents also kill harmful viruses and bacteria. Treatments destroy MRSA, E-coli, RSV, salmonella, herpes, and hepatitis. Professionals guarantee that their work will be long lasting.

In recent years, medical and scientific findings have alerted the public to the dangers of mold in homes. Fortunately, mold remediation specialists have developed techniques to solve the problem. Technicians can find hidden fungus, isolate it, and use customer-safe products that kill mold and many other toxins. Browse the site for more details.

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