The Dana Outlaw Law Office In Blue Springs MO Will Help You With Family Law And Mediation Cases

The relationship an attorney and a client is very important to the outcome of a case. A client needs the attorney to be honest about the legal options, even if it is not what the client wants to hear. An attorney will always be a sounding board for a client when they are frustrated with the other party to the case and will keep the client focused.


If an individual feels they received the wrong court decision, they have the option to appeal it to a higher court. Not every attorney has this type of experience like the Dana Outlaw Law Office in Blue Springs MO has. The legal file will need to be reviewed, and transcripts from the proceedings and the court’s decision will have to be reviewed by the attorney to determine if there was an error.

The attorney will discuss their expectations with a client after reviewing all of the documents. When an attorney has experience in presenting appellate writs, writing briefs, and making oral arguments to the higher court, an individual has a better chance of having the case overturned. An individual only has a limited amount of time to file an appeal, so they should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible after a poor outcome of a case.


Mediation is available for individuals who are interested in settling their disputes without going to court. Attending mediation can be voluntary or might be ordered by a judge to resolve the issues. The Dana Outlaw Law Office in Blue Springs MO has experience being mediators and will help the parties achieve a fair settlement.

Mediators will remain neutral throughout the negotiation process. Another benefit of mediation is it will be less expensive than going to trial and presenting the case to a judge. If a couple is struggling to settle a divorce or child custody dispute, mediation is a great option for them to use.

When you are going through a divorce, child custody dispute, child support hearing, or need a mediator to resolve your issues, a family law attorney can help. Browse the Website and find out more about the services a quality lawyer can offer.

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