The Dangers of Delaying a Roofing Repair in Lexington KY

When the roof sustains damage due to high winds, hail, and other issues, the last thing that the homeowner wants to do is put off having the Roofing repair in Lexington KY completed. Delaying the inevitable does not produce any type of good results, and can lead to some serious problems. Here are some examples of what can happen as the result of delaying a necessary repair.

The Leak Gets Worse – It is very true that roofs don’t repair themselves. If the roof is leaking, the homeowner can expect the leak to get worse as more time passes. What started out as a minor issue will quickly turn into a major problem. Rather than requiring the replacement of a shingle or two, waiting will likely mean having to replace parts of the framework under those shingles, and even the shingles that are right around the affected spot. This translates into having to spend a lot more money than was originally necessary.


The Home is Damaged – One of the main purposes for a roof is to protect the structure that is underneath. By choosing to put off a Roofing repair in Lexington KY, the homeowner increases the odds of sustaining some sort of damage to that structure. As the damage gets worse, this could mean soaking the insulation in the attic and having mold and mildew set up in the space. Enough exposure to the elements could also weaken the frame that supports the roof. Given enough time, the homeowner could find that there is no longer just a roof repair that must be made. Now there is major structural damage that will require a significant outlay of cash in order to restore the home to its former condition. The bottom line is there is really no good reason to put off a roof repair, and plenty of reasons to have it done as quickly as possible.

By contacting the professionals at Affordable Exteriors, it is possible to determine what must be done, and how much it will cost to make the repair. When compared to the cost of having to fix all the issues that can result from putting off the work, that expense will suddenly seem to be a very wise investment. Fill out the form at our website to set an appointment.

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