The Dentist in Kaneohe Can Stop the Progression of Gum Disease

Many people are not aware they have gum disease until their condition progresses. It is crucial people are able to recognize the signs of problems with their gums so they will know when to seek treatment. Gum disease can range from mild gingivitis to periodontal disease. The sooner a person seeks treatment from the dentist in Kaneohe, the less likely they will experience permanent damage that can cause tooth loss.

When gum disease is beginning, it will cause redness and irritation in the gum tissue. Often, it will lead to bleeding when a person tries to brush their teeth. Unfortunately, many people overlook this important sign and simply believe they have brushed too hard against their gums. If these signs are seen, the dentist should be sought immediately since this condition can be fully reversed.

If these signs continue to be ignored, the gum condition will progress. Progressive gum disease eventually turns into periodontal disease which is the most serious kind. This condition causes extreme irritation, redness, and infection. As pockets of infection develop around the teeth, the immune system works to attack it. This attack often ends up causing damage to the supporting structures of the teeth causing them to loosen. When periodontal disease is not treated, people can lose their teeth.

Treatment for periodontal disease begins with the dentist in Kaneohe. The dentist will first attempt to bring the infection under control. This may mean draining pus and treating the gums with antibiotic strips that are placed down into the pockets. It will also likely mean the patient will need to take oral antibiotics until the infection is cleared.

Once a person develops this disease, it can become chronic in nature but can be controlled through maintenance treatments provided by the dentist. With treatments provided by the dentist, a person can prevent massive tooth loss and keep their smile health protected.

If you have been experiencing any of these signs of problems with your gums, it is time to schedule an appointment with the dentist. The dentist will work to stop the progression of gum disease so your smile can stay healthy and strong.

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