The Difference Between Concrete Sand and Masonry Sand in Austin, TX

When it comes to construction projects, one thing you’ll find on pretty much any site is concrete. For the laymen; concrete is concrete, there’s nothing special about it, and there’s not much difference between concrete from one place to the other. However, experts know the truth – concrete can be different from worksite to worksite depending on what kind of sand is used to create it.

For most construction projects, standard concrete sand is used. This sand is rough in texture and provides a good solid base for sidewalks, walls, floors, and more. It can be colored to provide some interest as well. In order to get standard concrete looking really nice, it requires a lot of sanding and polishing, which is tedious and expensive work. Today’s designers use concrete a lot for industrial projects, but it’s very expensive to use in this capacity due to the time and effort it takes to make it look good inside of a home.

Masonry sand in Austin, TX however, offers a much finer texture. It is used in construction projects when a certain aesthetic is needed to create a high-end look. Masonry sand might be used in the creation of a garden wall, for example, or in the making of the above-ground portion of a well.

In design projects, using masonry sand in Austin, TX reduces the amount of work that has to be done to make it look the way the designer wants. However, because masonry sand is ground finer and is washed after it’s created, it is more expensive than concrete sand. If being used in a design capacity, a designer will have to look at the total costs, labor versus materials, to see if using masonry sand in this capacity will be the more affordable option.

No matter what kind of sand you might need for your next concrete job, finding a good source for your materials is a must. At, you’ll find a company that offers different types of sands for your needs. What’s more, they’ve been in business for 40 years, which means you’re buying from a reputable company with a quality product. Visit them today to see if their products fit the needs of your next job.

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