The Fastest Way to Find Out Your Home Radon Levels: Short-Term Radon Test

Although a long-term radon test may be more accurate when it comes to finding out about the intensity of radon levels in your home, a short-term radon test will also give you an average idea of the amount of radon gas you may be living with. This can give you a head start on getting a radon mitigation system to eliminate this radon gas that you and your family are breathing in, day in and day out, which can also cause lung cancer in many cases.

Is a Short-Term Radon Test Worthwhile?

A short term radon test may not be exactly successful the first time, and it may not give the correct level of radon gas, which is why doing the short-term radon test at least twice will give you better radon measurements.

Short-term radon tests are also the least expensive as compared to the long-term radon test. You can easily do this test yourself by buying the short-term radon test kit from a home department store or ordering it online. A short term radon test might not give you the accurate level of radon, but it will offer you a quick way to screen for whether or not you have radon gas in your home. This usually takes between 2 days and a week, depending on the type of device you purchased.

Test Guidelines

You should know when you need to do a radon test and how often you should do them to keep up with the radon levels in your home. These are some test guidelines to keep in mind.

*    Make sure you see what time of the year it is before testing.
*    Check what the weather is like before testing.
*    Make sure you start testing from the lowest location in your house.
*    There should be no disturbances to the test kit when you are in action.
*    Once you have the analysis, send it to the test lab to get it checked for accurate results

It is always a better idea to hire professional for your home radon tests.

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