The Grass Can Be Greener with Weed Control in Spokane

Most homeowners don’t have a groundskeeper or horticulturist to care for their gardens, flowerbeds and lawn. They are left to their own devices in the ongoing battle between pristine flowerbeds, and lush, green lawns and their mortal enemy, the weed. The two types of weeds are broadleaf (monocots) and grassy (dicots). A dandelion is a broadleaf weed and crabgrass is a grassy weed.

What is effective against one type has no effect on the other. Granted you can go online and identify every known weed, determine which ones you have, what herbicide’s to use, determine when, how often and how much to apply, and on and on. Wouldn’t you and your time be best served by consulting a professional for Weed Control in Spokane? Sometimes the grass is greener over the fence in your neighbor’s yard. Probably because your neighbor’s lawn is treated with the proper weed preventive measures. If your lawn is more than 50% weeds experts recommend removing the existing turf and sodding or reseeding. Or you can try spraying with an RTU (ready to use) selective weed control that will target weeds and not the grass. Read the label to ensure that it states it will not harm lawn grass or at least your particular variety of grass.

Fertilization is important to maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn. A thick, lush lawn is the perfect deterrent to weeds. Spring is the season to apply a fertilizer and crabgrass preventive combination. Repeat in late spring with fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. Summer heat and humidity play havoc with lawns and this is when the grass needs some added iron to replace that lost during the summer. In the fall, grass rebounds from summer and enjoys another growth spurt. The fall feeding is considered the most important of all feedings. The last feeding is applied just before winter as the grass is preparing for a winter’s rest. This feeding increases nitrogen storage and helps strengthen the roots. With a professional lawn care maintenance company providing Weed Control in Spokane, your property will always look first class. A healthy green lawn is not just lovely -; it helps the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, absorbing noise pollution, and cooling the air. When hiring lawn care professionals to help keep your lawn its very best, you too can have grass that truly is greener on the other side.

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