The Importance Of Professional Foundation Crack Repair In Cambridge MA

Homeowners who have concrete foundation cracks should get them repaired as quickly as possible. A crack will only get larger over time, and these openings can cause water to enter the basement. Homeowners can learn more about the importance of contacting a professional company for Crack Repair in Cambridge MA by reading the information below.

Q.) What kind of damage can be done to a home if a basement has cracks?

A.) Cracks in the walls and floor of a basement let mildew water inside the home. A wet basement leads to mold growth and mildew smell. Mold spores are unhealthy for families and items that are stored in the basement will have a strong mildew odor. If the cracks continue to get worse, and they’re not repaired by a professional company that provides Crack Repair in Cambridge MA, they can actually cause damage to the foundation and structure of the home.

Q.) What are common reasons why foundations crack?

A.) There are various reasons why a foundation may crack, and they are most often caused by settling of the ground or concrete shrinkage. As the ground underneath and around a home settles, a portion of the structure often sinks below the original placement. As the structure moves, it can cause the foundation to sustain vertical cracks due to the pressure of the movement. After a concrete foundation is poured, it can shrink during the curing process. When this occurs, homeowners may notice tiny cracks that extend from the corners of doors and windows.

Q.) What is the best way to fix cracks in the foundation of a home?

A.) A homeowner should contact an experienced company that specializes in Crack Repair in Cambridge MA to fix the damage. Professionals will fill the cracks with a flexible resin material that will keep water from seeping into the basement. This material creates a seal throughout the entire wall which also prevents the cracks from getting larger and spreading throughout the foundation walls.

Drycrete Waterproofing is an experienced company that provides basement waterproofing, moisture control, and drainage systems. Homeowners who visit their website can learn additional information about their services and receive a free quote.

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