The Importance Of Quality Storage For Memphis Residential Moves

It is not uncommon for homeowners in Memphis to need extra space to store furniture, seasonal items and even extra materials from closets and storage areas in a home during the sale process. Decluttering has become an important part of marketing and showing a home, and finding quality storage to securely maintain all items will be a priority.

There are two basic options to consider. One is the do-it-yourself self-storage facilities, and the other is the facilities operated by your moving company. Understanding the differences and the quality and security comparisons will help a homeowner to make the best choice.


The biggest benefit to the use of do-it-yourself self-storage is the low cost. However, the cost of the unit usually includes a deposit and a minimum rental period, which will be required even if the unit is not used for the full duration. Additionally, that cost does not involve renting a truck to complete the move, which may need to also occur to move items from storage at a later point in time.

With the use of moving companies, the movers will come and pick up or even pack items, then store them in a dry, safe and secured location in a private vault. When you need the items, just call the storage facility, and they will deliver them to your new location, wherever that may be.

Security and Safety

Most self-storage facilities have very little in the way of security. The storage facilities offered by moving companies are fully secured, offer round the clock monitoring and have fire suppressant systems in place.

Additionally, the moving company facilities in Memphis restricted access, which means only employees are allowed into the vault areas. This is not the case with self-storage buildings where there may be a constant flow of traffic throughout the building.

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