The Importance of Wagon Drill Machines

Most drilling and excavating businesses today have special needs. This is especially true for the company working in remote or difficult to reach regions. Thankfully, there are some handy tools and equipment you can take advantage of to make your job easier and far more efficient. One of the best tools you can own is a good wagon drill. But what is this type of equipment and why can it be so valuable? Let’s check it out and see.

What are Wagon Wheel Drills?

Wagon type drills are made to be self contained drilling machines. These are not attachments you install on your skid steer or other equipment. The wagons have wheels to make them completely portable and some are three wheel designs while others feature a four wheel chassis. These rigs can be easily moved about and some are simply pulled or pushed into place while others are self propelled.

Wagon drilling rigs usually have two wheels in the front and a mast which supports the drill rig. They are easier to use than many types of drills because of their versatility. For example, wagons can get in some of the smallest and tightest areas which would otherwise be impossible to drill into.

Four Wheel Wagon Drill

Drilling rigs with four wheels can get over some of the roughest terrain. In fact, some of these units are specially designed for boring on mountainsides and very steep terrain. Pneumatic tires make maneuvering easy and some have wheels as large as 32 inches in diameter. When you choose a trusted source for your equipment you can have your choice of drifters installed along with other special features. For example, some can easily be taken apart for airlifting by helicopter. This can get you into remote areas.

Three Wheel Wagon Drill

The three wheel rig is highly maneuverable. It has two front wheels and the back wheel is a caster which can be moved in just about any direction. The caster wheel can be mounted just below the hitch and these drills can literally be stood up for drilling vertically. This is possible with special legs that act as stabilizers. Three wheel rigs can easily be positioned to drill along hillsides or inside areas under construction. You can choose standard controls or have electric remote control features installed.

What’s the Best Drill?

When you look for the best wagon drill, it’s important to choose the right company. The best sources offer high quality equipment and your choice of several options installed. Drilling professionals know the ins and outs of drilling and are there to help you make the right decision.

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