The many advantages of using granite in a building

Although everyone has grown accustomed to brick and concrete in the majority of our buildings, there is no doubt that the human heart still soars when we come across natural elements in a home such as marble or granite. If you observe a person walking into a kitchen with gleaming granite countertops you will invariably see him/her reach out a hand and run it over the surface. It’s a primal reaction – we resonate towards natural beauty and the touch and feel and experience of these materials far supersedes that of the man-made counterparts. If you want granite floor tiles in Abuja, Lagos, or in any other Nigerian location, you simply can’t go wrong.

Using natural materials in your home

There are a wide variety of ways in which natural materials can be incorporated into the design of a building. The most obvious places are floors, kitchen surfaces, and bathrooms. However, for grand and impressive buildings, having an entire edifice clad in marble or granite certainly makes a statement about the importance of the structure. Granite tiles in Lagos, or anywhere for that matter, are considered a luxury. Particularly in hot climates, the beauty of having cool stone underfoot is glorious, and thus having granite floor tiles in a hot and tropical Lagos climate is much to be desired. Granite is one of the hardest wearing stones around as it’s an igneous rock born from the hardening of the earth’s magma. Granite needs to be quarried, so it can be an expensive material to use. However, by virtue of its strength, it will last for perpetuity.

There are many other types of floor tiles that can be used in Abuja and elsewhere. While Abuja isn’t as humid as Lagos, it’s still extremely hot almost all year and the cool feel of natural floor tiles will always be welcome. Bluestar is a company situated in Lagos and it has an incredibly wide variety of floor tiles available in numerous materials and in a wide range of colours.

Other advantages of granite tiles

Granite is extremely hard wearing. Nigeria is prone to a great deal of dust as the hot Harmattan winds sweep across from the Sahara. Dust is incredibly destructive and erodes most substances. Granite is one such natural material that will resist these dust-laden winds particularly well.

If you are looking for granite tiles for your Lagos home or building, contact Bluestar. The company stocks a wide range of natural stones for both tiles and work surfaces.

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