The Many Applications of the Plastic Drum

For large-quantity storage needs, there are few options better than the plastic drum. While not the best choice for food and drink, these drums are an economical and versatile choice for a number of other applications. Let’s look at all the ways you can use a plastic drum, and just how much you stand to save over substances like steel.

Rain Catcher

As people turn their eyes back toward the earth in the growing eco-friendly trend, more and more people have seen the value of catching rain water. Large barrels and plastic drums are excellent for this use. In most, spigots can be drilled to allow for easy dispensing of the water after it is gathered. It can then be used to water plants, clean outdoor areas and much more.

Dry Good Storage

If you need to store a lot of dry goods, a plastic barrel is an excellent selection. In dry goods, you will not see much if any microscopic seepage in or out of the plastic, which means the substances stored inside will stay safer and fresher for longer. Additionally, an animal feed can be stored in this manner, giving farmers an easy way to stock up on all the supplies they’ll need when it is most economical.

A Great Way to Save

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly option for storage, the plastic drum can’t be beaten. Far cheaper than stainless and even carbon steel options, plastic drums are excellent for a variety of uses that steel would simply be overqualified for. Why spend twice as much or more, when all you need is a simple plastic container? What’s more, many new-age plastics are comparably strong to their metal counterparts. Add a convenient and compatible drum liner – available from storage solution retailers like NatPak – to the inside if you’re worried about contamination, and dial up the safety and security of your storage. You’ll have a way to store and a way to save, all wrapped up in the same drum!

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