The Many Configurations Of The New Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion in Bedford Park is not one car, it’s more like four. It is a family car for those on a budget, it’s a V6 sports sedan, it’s a competitor in the entry level luxury car division and it is an ultra efficient hybrid.

It may have been true in the past but not today; a midsize family sedan can be stylish as well as fun to drive. The Ford Fusion is all these things and more, it is safe, very practical and spacious; everything that a modern family is looking for.

The 2017 Ford Fusion received a number of tasteful upgrades from previous model years; these include the new “Sync 3” infotainment system, an improved console design, new styling features and the introduction of the deluxe Platinum trim level.

A brief overview of the Ford Fusion:

Five years ago the current version of the Fusion was introduced, the consensus of opinion at the time was that the new car was a definite improvement over its predecessor; it became an instant success. The appeal of the Ford Fusion has not waned, it is as appealing today as it was five years ago and like all Ford products; it is constantly receiving updates to ensure the vehicle stays fresh and inviting and stays a step ahead of its closest rival.

For model year 2017 the Ford engineers have included push button ignition and a rotary shifter. There are new options as well, including LED headlights and a parking system that can do it all. The Platinum trim includes a leather interior that rivals the most expensive and desirable luxury vehicles.

If you like power, you will definitely be drawn to the Sports trim which is fitted a 2.7L turbo charged V6 that puts 325 HP on the road. No competitive vehicle can come close to the performance of this family sedan.

There is a 2017 Ford Fusion in Bedford Park to suit the expectations of everyone, from an inexpensive family sedan to a high end sports machine. To see the complete range you are invited to visit Hawk Ford in Oak Lawn.

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