The Most Popular Trends In Patio Doors In Washington DC

A patio door is designed to make it easy to gain access to outdoor living areas while protecting from the wrath of extreme weather conditions. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to scrimp on the model and style of door chosen when installing a new unit, as it can lead to an uncomfortable home and wasted money. Here is a quick look at the latest trends in Patio Doors in Washington DC, and how they can help keep a house safe and comfortable all year long.

Glazed Glass

A glass door is not known for providing a significant amount of protection from extreme temperature shifts. To combat this problem, more and more manufacturers are utilizing technology to apply a specialty glaze coating over the glass. In addition to reducing the amount of UVA and UVB rays that can enter a home, it can also prevent temperature shifts and make a home more comfortable.

Inset Blinds

Many homeowners are leery of installing glass patio doors due to the lack of privacy they offer. Installing blinds over the doors is an option, but it can be a struggle to keep them clean and the frequent movement experienced when opening and closing a door can cause them to break. Some models now have blinds inset within the glass, making it easy to get the benefits of full glass Patio Doors in Washington DC without sacrificing privacy.

Security Options

New Patio Doors in Washington DC should protect from would-be intruders looking to steal or vandalize a home. Browse doors that have a key locking mechanism, as they can make it more complicated to open the door without the proper key. Other features, such as track locks and steel reinforced frames can add additional protection and help keep a home safe from break-ins.

If a homeowner is looking to give their property an updated look, they should start by replacing any old patio doors. Master Seal offers a wide array of patio door products and can help keep a home safe and comfortable without breaking the bank. Request an estimate today and see how affordable installing a new energy efficient patio door can be.

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