The Most Requested Services Offered By A Lawn Provider In Ashburn VA

One of the first things most people see when first visiting a home is the lawn and gardens surrounding the property, and when they are in disarray, it will cause a family’s showplace to look less than desirable. Maintaining a yard takes a great deal of work, and many people struggle to incorporate yard work into their daily routine. Fortunately, a Lawn Provider in Ashburn VA offers a plethora of services that keep a yard looking impeccable all season long.

Turf Installation

Planting traditional grass seed is not only expensive, but it is nearly impossible to guarantee positive results. To combat the effects of drought and sun exposure that wreaks havoc on newly planted grass, more and more homeowners are choosing to install turf. Panels of established grass are laid over a yard area and sewn together, which gives a home an established and manicured look without having to wait weeks, as is typical with traditional grass seeds.

Mowing and Weed Removal

Mowing and removing weeds from garden beds is an essential part of maintaining a yard, but it is a task that many homeowners dread completing. Rather than doing it themselves, more and more individuals are hiring a Lawn Provider in Ashburn VA. Most companies offer yard mowing and weed pulling services at an affordable rate, and provide them on a regular interval which will keep any outdoor space looking pristine at all times.

Mulch Spreading and Brush Removal

Another vital part of yard maintenance is the removal of any brush and leaves and the application of mulch. A buildup of yard debris will not only make a yard look unkempt, but it may also lead to an infestation of mold and become the perfect breeding ground for pests. Applying mulch helps to keep gardens looking manicured and will also increase the overall water retention of the soil beneath.

When a homeowner is exhausted with attempting to maintain a yard on their own, it may be time to call in the professionals. The team at Premier Turf Farms offers a vast array of services that will have any home up to snuff in no time. Visit to learn more and take the first step in simplifying the most dreaded of tasks.


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