The Most Sought-After Features On A New Washer In Las Vegas

One of the most-used appliances in a home is a washing machine, as it makes cleaning clothes an easy process, and most new models now come with a slew of features that increase their cleaning ability and refresh garments without the use of harmful chemicals. While these advanced features make cleaning clothes simpler than ever, they also complicated the process of buying a New Washer in Las Vegas. Before rushing out to replace an old or damaged unit, be sure to consider a new machine that offers the following benefits.

Steam Cleaning

Few cleaning methods outperform the power of steam, and a washing machine with this feature will increase the temperature of the water in the central wash basin to melt away stains and odors. Though it will cause the length of a cycle to extend as much as 20 minutes, it will dissolve stubborn stains without requiring stain-fighting products. A washer with this feature will have a built-in heater and pump which will produce water that exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Automated Presoak

Some garments will not withstand the extra heat produced during a steam cycle, and the only alternative is to allow the item to soak to remove any stains. A New Washer in Las Vegas that has an automatic presoak setting will let the clothing sit in detergent-laden water and will gently agitate it to help facilitate the cleaning process. Doing this by hand is not only time consuming but forces a homeowner to dedicate a sink to this purpose.

Bulky Item Setting

Everyone has experienced a washing machine that is out of balance, and the loud sound it makes as it is tossed from side to side. A bulky item cycle helps prevent this by accommodating for the oversized items being laundered. Sensors in the unit will detect when balance issues are present and automatically agitate the articles, so they are distributed in a more even fashion.

If a washing machine is no longer offering the cleaning prowess it once did, it may be time to replace it. Priority Appliances provides a vast selection of the latest models and will help a homeowner find the perfect equipment for their needs. Visit us online to start shopping today and take the first step in streamlining the most dreaded of tasks.

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