The New Age of Gum Therapy in Beaumont, TX: Protecting Your Oral Health

Your gums are essentially comprised of soft tissues that create a tight seal around your teeth, which means that they support your jawbone, reinforce each tooth, and provide a serviceable barrier to bacterial infections. However, it’s worth noting that many people are blissfully unaware of how important our gums truly are, as evidenced by the fact that more than 70% of Americans have some form of gum disease and don’t even know it.

Thus, if you fail to remove plaque and massage your gums on a daily basis, you’re running the risk of developing gingivitis, which can quickly exacerbate and develop into periodontal disease, an infection of the gums that gradually and painlessly degrades your overall oral health.

In an effort to bridge the obvious gap of understanding, this brief article will elucidate the benefits of gum therapy in Beaumont, TX by explaining how the process works.

When Do Dentists Use Gum Therapy?

The primary goal of modern gum therapy is to prevent further damage to your teeth and soft tissues, which is why dentists look out for the following warning signs before facilitating a treatment plan:

* Awkward spacing between teeth (usually caused by bone loss)

* Loose teeth

* Retreating or receding gumline

* Reddish, swollen, tender, or bloody gums

* Incessant bad breath and general discomfort

How Does the Process Work?

If you schedule a gum therapy appointment at your local dental clinic, your dentist will begin by performing a scaling and root planing procedure (SRP), which is becoming increasingly common in today’s day and age. During SRP, the dentist will use an arsenal of modernized tools to provide a deep clean around each tooth all the way down to the root. Depending on the extent of your gum maladies, the practitioner may need to assuage the treatment by applying a local anesthetic to numb the area beforehand, ensuring a pain-free procedure along the way.

This type of treatment will not only help prevent future infections and the development of plaque; it will also open your mind up to new preventative measures that you can effect at home as well. So if you’ve neglected your oral health for some time, it’s in your best interests to look into Beaumont gum therapy as soon as possible. After all, it’s affordable, quick, and easy, not to mention the fact that it’s the perfect way to revitalize your smile.

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