The Perks of Choosing Natural Wall Coverings

It seems that in the modern day, the trend in nearly every industry is to lean toward natural, organic items. People have been increasingly attracted to those things which are inspired by nature, seen as pure or wholesome in that respect. Interestingly, this even applies to interior design, as more and more homeowners are considering natural wall coverings, flooring options and more.

Natural Choices

While the term natural may bring to mind muted color palettes and reserved looks, this isn’t the case in the world of natural wall coverings. Some of the brightest, boldest looks in interior design are brought together by gorgeous and unexpectedly colorful natural materials, some of which include:

  • Wood paneling
  • Grass cloth wall covering
  • Wood pulp coverings
  • Bamboo and hemp-based wallpapers
  • Natural cork

Some commercial spaces are even going one step further, with walls designed with hydroponic plant growth panels that allow for vining plants to be grown right out of the wall. This increases air quality and attracts customers who marvel at the gorgeous novelty of a plant-papered wall. While this look isn’t likely to make an appearance in many residential spaces any time soon, it’s still exciting to see what’s possible when we apply the idea of going natural to the walls that surround us.

More conventional yet equally beautiful wall coverings made from natural materials are available at a wide variety of retailers. Contact your local store or shop online to see just how many choices the earth offers!

Why Go Natural?

Aside from being attractive and trendy, natural wall coverings are often crafted from sustainable sources. These eco-friendly options help bolster industries that encourage ethical treatment of the earth and gives homeowners a sense of pride in contributing to a movement that is making positive change around the world.

Natural wall coverings also boast far fewer chemicals for your family to be exposed to. Whether it’s touchy children or pets that just insist on putting their faces all over your beautiful wall paper, you can rest assured that with natural materials, they’re not inhaling leaked chemicals. It’s a healthier alternative for a more beautiful space.

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