The Portable Chainsaw Mill: Turning Logs Into Lumber

When it comes to turning logs into usable lumber, individuals have a choice. They can use a portable bandsaw mill, its thin-kerf blade capable of ripping through lumber with large diameters. They can also select a portable chainsaw mill. This article focuses on the latter.

What Are Portable Chainsaw Mills?

Chainsaw mills are sawmills. However, they are smaller than the standard version. This allows them to be portable and easier to operate. In fact, they only require one or two people to handle them in their major task – to alter the mill logs they attack into functional lumber. They differ from traditional or standard chainsaws in other ways, including their initial intent as indicated by an alternative name.

Another term for this saw is the Alaskan Mill. This refers to the origins of the saw. While it did not first find its use in Alaska, the intent of the inventor was for this chainsaw to be operational in remote areas identical or similar to Alaska. This explains the smaller size and lighter weight.

Types of Portable Chainsaw Mills

Like other saws, the portable chainsaw mill is not a homogenous piece of equipment. It comes in different types. The most basic consists of the following components:

• Steel guide bracket
• Chainsaw bar on which the bracket is mounted
• 2×4 or similar straight edge

The more elaborate chainsaw mills instead mount the chainsaw to a track and frame system. In either case, the attraction is their portability and capability with smaller versions easily operated by one person; larger models require two operators.

Portable Chainsaw Mill

An Alaskan mill or portable chainsaw mill is capable of producing boards of lumber from logs. Its small size makes it easier to carry into remote locations. The smaller models also are ideal for ease of operation by a single individual. While not capable of mass production, this type of chainsaw mill has the advantages of portability and lower costs.

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