The Process of Replacing Residential Electrical Wiring In Indianapolis

The electrical system in a home is one of the most crucial, and any issues with the system can lead to significant safety hazards or a fire, which can result in total devastation. Older homes that are not fitted with modern wiring can be even more susceptible to safety hazards, but an electrician can replace the electrical wiring in Indianapolis and have a home safe. Here is a look at what is involved in the process, and how a homeowner can be prepared for a project of this nature.

Power Disconnect and Equipment Removal

The first step is to disconnect the power that comes into a home entirely. After the power is off, the electrician will then remove the old breaker boxes and begin the process of removing the existing wiring in the walls and floors of the home. They will also remove any outlets and switches, and may also have to uninstall any light fixtures so they can have access to the wiring the provides them with electricity.

New Wires

After the old equipment has been removed, the next step is to run the new wiring in the home. Most will start at the top floor of a home when replacing electrical wiring in Indianapolis and then work their way down as they run each new wire to the home’s new breaker box system. Once the wires have been run, they will then install new outlets and reinstall any lighting that had to be removed.

Final Connections

The last step is to connect all of the wires to the home’s new breaker panel. They will also ensure that all connections are secure and that there are no potential safety hazards. Finally, they will restore power to the home and check each new outlet for proper flow. If every component checks out, they will then have the home inspected by a local permit office, and it will then be safe for those who live there to move back in.

Electrical wiring problems shouldn’t be avoided, as they can lead to significant loss or injury. Be sure to Contact Burtner Electric Inc. if a home needs a full wire replacement or to have any serious electric malfunctions repaired as quickly as possible. Call and take the first step in ensuring a home is safe and free from electrical threats.

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