The Things Gutter Guards in CT Can Help Protect Against

The gutters are a safeguard system for your foundation. Since rain can accumulate around the foundation, the gutters help to direct all of that excessive rain away. This helps to protect your foundation from damage due to excessive moisture. However, many gutter systems are flawed. This is because their basic design is open at the top. This means that the following items can get into your gutters.

One of the things that Gutter Guards in CT, can protect against is the buildup of leaves. Leaves are one of the biggest enemies of gutters. They often clog the pathways in which the water runs. This can cause the water from rain to spill over and accumulate next to your foundation. Since wet leaves are an appealing food source for lots of bugs and insects, you can easily get an infestation on your hands if the leaves aren’t cleaned out regularly.

Another thing that the guards protect against is animals building nests in the gutters. While the nests of baby birds are cute, they completely block the gutters. Some animals can use the gutters as a highway for a direct entrance into your home. They often leave behind debris that is not safe to remove with bare hands. You can be exposed to the diseases that these animals carry.

The cold winter brings another major problem for gutters-; the weight of the ice. Since changes in winter temperatures can cause icicles to form, the weight of these icicles can put a lot of pressure on the support system. Once they become too heavy, the gutters can rip away from the house and cause major damage on the way down. In addition, icicles can fall without warning and can cause injuries to occur. The Gutter Guards in CT, help to protect against the formation of icicles. While they don’t prevent ice in your gutters, they do help to ensure that the big pieces don’t form.

These are a few things that the addition of guards can protect against. If you need gutter guards installed, contact the Roofing Company in Connecticut. You can also Visit the website for more information on gutter guards.

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