The Threat To Health From Diesel Exhaust

It is no secret and has not been for years that there diesel exhaust is responsible for many serious health issues. Laws have been enacted that strengthen diesel exhaust regulations in the mining industry but there are other industries as well where employees are at risk, the railroad industry is a perfect example.

Various studies have shown that workers exposed to diesel exhaust over extended periods of time are at a greater risk of lung cancer and bladder cancer as well as airway diseases, a reduction in visual acuity, headaches, nausea and more. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has conducted numerous studies that link diesel exhaust to cancer. Many other studies concur with the results of the EPA studies, as well as linking fine particle concentrates such as found in diesel exhaust to heart disease, chronic lung disease and death. For people who do work or have worked in the railroad industry, should they suffer from any of these signs they should consider discussing their health problems with a railroad cancer law firm.

Why is diesel a threat to health?

Diesel exhaust contains millions of microscopic particles that imbed themselves deep into lung tissue. These particulates are less than one micron in size and once they become lodged in the lungs they remain rather than cleared through normal respiration. Larger particles such as dust are captured by mucus in the throat and fine hairs in the nose thus they are easier to clear.

Not only are diesel exhaust particulates tiny, they are coated with a toxic brew of chemicals such as benzene which is a known carcinogen.

Diesel engines are dirty; they spew out 100 times the amount of dangerous particles than gasoline engines under the same load and working conditions. Knowing this to be true, the EPA published a draft report stating that even low level exposure to diesel fumes poses a risk of lung cancer.

Railroad workers are constantly barraged with dangerous chemicals and airborne particulates on a daily basis, it is a known fact that many of these materials are carcinogens and are known to cause cancer. If you are looking for a railroad cancer law firm you are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law.

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