The Value and Purpose of Industrial Machinery Rigging in Austin

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

Although Austin is known more as a hub for music and technology, there are plenty of active industrial concerns in the area, too. In fact, these longtime industrial operations contribute quite a bit to the local economy, rounding it out in ways that help ensure the city stays strong even when portions of it begin to weaken. With a number of important industrial companies in the area, there are also quite a few businesses that focus on supporting them and taking care of their regular needs. There are a number of companies that specialize in Rigging in Austin, for example, providing important services for their mostly industrial clients.

The term “rigging” itself is not necessarily commonly heard outside of a few specialized contexts. As used in relation to industrial machinery, it traces back to the rigging that keeps sails aloft on large, seafaring ships. Those complicated arrangements of ropes, pulleys, lines, and other features, while specialized for a particular purpose, actually resemble the kind of rigging that is used with industrial equipment today.

The contemporary purpose of Rigging in Austin, of course, is notably different. With many industrial machines weighing ten tons or more, moving such equipment even over short distances can easily turn out to be difficult to do. In fact, even moving a hundred-ton industrial press a few short feet can require quite a lot in the way of preparation and expertise, all of which will be provided by specialists who handle such duties as a matter of course.

In most cases, what this involve will be the creation of a system of winches, supports, and other equipment sufficient to pick up and move a machine to wherever it might be needed. For short-range relocation jobs, these often-complicated assemblies will be designed to move the targeted machine from one place to another as simply and safely as possible.

In other cases, the goal will instead be to place the machine in a position from which it can easily be transported over even greater distances. This might entail setting up and using rigging that allows a heavy machine to be lifted onto the bed of a large truck or even to move the machine into a crate. In any case, those who specialize in such work provide a valuable service to industrial customers throughout the Austin area.

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