Things to Consider When Renting Portable Restrooms in Allentown, PA

Access to a bathroom is a necessity during a bathroom renovation. Since it is difficult to run to a bathroom that is some distance away, a portable toilet can ease this problem. These are some of the items to consider when renting a portable restroom for the duration of the project.

The length of time of that the bathroom is going to be out of order is something to consider when renting Portable Restrooms in Allentown PA. Depending on the size of the project and the amount of work on the plumbing, it can be necessary to rent the toilet for a long period of time. A talk with the contractor on the timeline is necessary to determine when the bathroom will become functional again.

The number of people in the home may also affect the number of restrooms needed. It is important to remember that the construction workers may also be utilizing the facilities. If there are individuals who are staying home during the process, you will need enough to make sure that everyone has access. Get at least one toilet per ten people with the number of workers included. Discuss with the contractors the maximum people that they have on the site.

While having these toilets in the yard don’t present the best curb appeal, the area for the restrooms should also be considered. This is just a temporary situation. However, by deciding on the placement of the Portable Restrooms in Allentown PA, the effect of this can be minimized. Considering placing the toilets in a place such as the backyard or the side of the house instead of the front. This will help to minimize the appearance that the home is a construction zone. When considering the placement, the restrooms are moved by heavy equipment. The yard will need to be accessible to the machinery.

The renting of portable restrooms is common when construction affecting the plumbing and bathrooms is underway. This provides a convenience that prevents the running back and forth from the job site. You can click here to get more info on renting a temporary place to utilize the restroom.

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